The Concordia Courier

Volume 18, Issue 6

Concordia University Irvine

December 08, 2023

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Men’s water polo team in a huddle with Coach Johnson

Men's Waterpolo prepares for Conference with Coach Justin Johnson

Posted on 9/8/2023 by Eva Prewitt

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, or SAAC, is a nationwide NCAA institution within every respective school and athletic program. The committee is made up of all student-athletes, with representatives from each men's and women's sports team, along with roles such as president, vice president, secretary, mental health coordinator, and community and campus relations.



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Izzy Navarro about to shoot

Women's basketaball shoots for the stars

Posted on 12/8/2023 by Eva Prewitt

Women’s basketball is in full swing after kicking off PacWest competition on Dec. 6 with the  anticipated rivalry matchup against Biola. 

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Local/Global News


ATW reroute! Concordia students navigate conflict in the Holy Land

Posted on 12/8/2023 by Greta Jones

For many “Rounders,” the most anticipated portion of the Around-the-World semester is the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. For two weeks students get to walk where Jesus walked, learn where Jesus taught and commune where Jesus spilled His blood. Our team was no exception to that excitement.

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Arts and Entertainment

Concordia student pictured performing on violin.

Fall Honors Receital 2023: A Crescendo of Musical Excellence

Posted on 12/8/2023 by Ryn Casteel

As the academic semester reaches its final notes, Concordia is gearing up for a musical extravaganza with the highly anticipated Fall Honors Recital. This recital will take place on Mon., Dec. 11, at 5 p.m., at the Concordia University Center for Worship and Performing Arts (CU Center). This event promises to showcase the pinnacle of musical talent cultivated on campus.

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Pictured here during the beginning of tech week, Emma Johnson, lead actress for “All’s Well That Ends Well,” starring as Helena.

Concordia's Theatre Department debut for 2023

Posted on 9/8/2023 by Indi Ebo

Concordia is home to a renowned theatre department that has produced a series of outstanding plays and performances. This fall, the production, “All’s Well That Ends Well,” a play by William Shakespeare, published in the First Folio in 1623, will be played out by Concordia’s very own theatre team, with a newly built set to accompany the performance.

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Campus Life

Los Posadas event at Rev. Carlos Valazquez's church

"Navidad-A Concordia Christmas" creates joyous music for all

Posted on 12/8/2023 by Grace Nyberg and Rebekah Michel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Concordia’s Music Department is orchestrating a symphony of festivities. From Segerstrom concerts to TV specials, the Music Department is making sure everyone feels the Christmas spirit. This year’s highly anticipated PBS production, "Navidad-A Concordia Christmas," aims to honor the vibrant Latinx culture and traditions.

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President Doctor Thomas

A letter from Doctor Thomas

Posted on 12/8/2023 by Doctor Thomas

The fall semester is quickly coming to a close, as you are all too aware. After such a long semester, you kind of just want to hang out with your friends until you leave for home.  However, you still have work to do… you need to put the final touches on those essays (OK, let’s be honest, some of you still need to start those essays!). You might need to finish up requirements of your internship or research project. And some of you are anxious about those dreaded final exams.

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