BMC’s Music wing boasts state-of-the-art facilities

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By Leonard Memon | 10/28/2022

The Music wing of the Borland-Manske Center (BMC) has been invaluable for students from a social, academic and musical perspective ever since it was dedicated and blessed on Sat., Oct. 5, 2019.

The musical facilities within the BMC are exceptional. Dr. Jeff Held, Assistant Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences and Director of Arts & Instrumental Activities, said, “Honestly, I have never walked through a college music building that had better practice rooms than ours, which are spacious, naturally-lit with big windows and have a bit of reverberation. They are truly the best in the business!”

The students are huge fans of the practice spaces that the Music wing of the BMC offers. Mya Chahbazian, senior, said, “We have access to many practice rooms, which are the most beneficial for me as a singer, and multiple instruments if we need them. As a singer, having pianos inside each practice room is so helpful to have during my practice time. Without that, I would struggle learning and styling my music for voice.”

Chahbazian added, “The fact that the building is cleaned every day too is a huge benefit to us students because it means that the bathrooms are clean, the floors are clean, and it makes the space where we all basically live so much more enjoyable to be in.”

Rebekah Caesar, senior, said, “My favorite part about the Music wing of the BMC is honestly the practice rooms. They help me to just focus on what I am there to do and block everything else out. It's also fun to hear music throughout the halls.”

While the BMC provides students with a space to improve their musical skills, the space also provides students with the opportunity to build relationships. 

Chahbazian said, “There are a couple of hangout spaces within the BMC that students have definitely adopted as relational spaces. Hedy's Hangout, downstairs, is one of those spaces. If you are in need of any kind of social interaction, there is almost always someone there that is willing to have a conversation with you.” 

Chahbazian added, “The student body here is really kind, so joining a public conversation is encouraged so that everyone can get to know each other.”

Caesar also found that “The space within the BMC, specifically Hedy's, is great for cultivating relationships with other musicians. It is the hub where we can hang out in between classes and rehearsals, or just a space to get work done when you need a change of scenery.”

Held observed that “compared to before we had this building, I see students way more regularly and have many more conversations. They interact together a lot, too - whether informally or through tutoring sessions.”

Along with generous support by key Concordia donors, Held wanted to thank all those who helped create the need for this building by saying, “I am deeply appreciative to many Music alumni whose excellence raised the need for this building. It wouldn't be here without them, and I love telling them that when they visit!”



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