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By Rebekah Michel | 2/23/2024

With mid-semester break on the horizon, the Music Department is excitedly awaiting this year's Concordia Choir Tour across California, Arizona, Indiana and Michigan. Serving as this year's annual performance tour, The Concordia Choir, under the direction of Dr. Michael Busch, will travel during the duration of mid-semester break, sharing their musical gifts with others.

Tour season and traveling as an ensemble is one of the main highlights for members of Concordia Choir. “Going on choir tours gives us opportunities to see the world and perform for many different audiences. As an incoming student, I was drawn to Concordia because of its music tours…. I love that we get to learn about the cultures and environments we visit,” said Katrina Liao ‘24. Liao is a Church Music major and is participating in her fourth year in Concordia Choir. 

The experience of singing for audiences beyond Southern California, is one that is also enriching the musicianship of students, and further prepares them for the realities of touring as musicians. “As a musician, choir tours help develop quick flexibility and adjustment to new performance venues. We don’t have that much time to rehearse in our venue before the actual concert, so we have to get used to our stage and acoustics quickly,” said Liao. 

The 2024 Concordia Choir Tour includes a full performance itinerary of visiting the Best Practices Conference (LCMS) in Phoenix, Arizona; Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana; and various Lutheran Churches in Michigan and Indiana. “The experience of sharing music with other churches and communities across the USA is meaningful to me because we are able to share our message with people of different backgrounds and faiths. It is a great experience being able to share the good news through music,” said Mia Grund ‘27. Grund is a Commercial Music major and is preparing for her first tour with Concordia Choir. 

For Concordia Choir, tour season falls during the middle of the academic year this year, leading to a great use of time management and effective rehearsal time for all the students involved. “Balancing tour season amongst academics is hard, especially because it also falls into a big season for the Theatre Department and as a recitalist,” said Anna Martin ‘24. Martin is a Music Education and Vocal Performance major who is preparing for her third and final tour with the choir. 

While Concordia Choir’s tour repertoire will be heard throughout the U.S. this month, students and faculty can enjoy the tour concert from our own CU Center on March 8 as part of their Home Concert. “Audiences can expect to hear a very diverse concert. We are performing classical pieces and gospel music, hymn settings and secular pieces. We have several acapella pieces and others that feature piano, organ, violin, cello and percussion,” said Liao.

For sophomore Ashley Kosenen, the highlight of the tour repertoire this year is “Let My Love Be Heard” by Jake Runestad. “It truly is a chilling sensation to hear all of the different parts colliding… The text by Runestad inspires me to grow closer to God and uplift Him through music,” said Kosenen. 

As the Concordia Choir shares their gifts and touches the hearts of audience members on tour, students and faculty can expect a joyous Home Concert on March 8 at the CU Center for Worship and Performing Arts at 7 p.m., as a finale to their tour season. Concordia students can reserve free tickets for one performance by using the code CUISTU at checkout. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please visit

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