Concordia’s Wind Orchestra prepares for upcoming concert

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By Mikayla Butler | 10/28/2022

With November quickly approaching, Concordia’s Wind Orchestra's time to shine is nearly upon us.

Dr. Jeff Held, music director of both the Concordia Wind Orchestra and the Concordia Sinfonietta, will be conducting the concert “Radiant Grace and Joyous Glory" on Sun., Nov. 6 starting at 6 p.m. in the CU Center.

Sophomore and Music major, Ruth Pearson said, “I will be playing flute and piccolo in the concert, but primarily piccolo. I am looking forward to performing David Gillingham’s Symphony No. 2 ‘Genesis.’ It contains five movements that depict the stories chronologically through Genesis. The musical techniques used by Gillingham vividly paint pictures of the wonder of creation, the beauty of Eden, animals entering the ark, the unsettling floodgates of heaven, and then the sign of the covenant.” 

Biblical themes are prominent throughout the concert, with the event’s title being “Radiant Grace and Joyous Glory.” Bryant’s “Radiant Joy,” McBeth’s “Lauds and Tropes,” Gillingham’s “Symphony No. 2: Genesis,” Sousa’s “Songs of Grace and Songs of Glory” and Thomas’s “Come Sunday” will be the key performance pieces. The concert is estimated to run for 90 minutes. 

Junior, Stella Siebelink and Concordia’s principal harp player, said, “Recently, we performed as the Concordia Symphony Orchestra, and it was my first time performing with an orchestra, as I was trained as a soloist. I am greatly looking forward to performing again with the Concordia Wind Orchestra because performing for an audience brings me great joy, and also the knowledge that the music and all the hard work that goes into it is a gift for the audience to experience from the incredible talent and passion of all the musicians here.”

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