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Pictured above: Dr. HyeJung Shin

By Ryn Casteel | 9/22/2023

Over the years, Concordia has executed a variety of musical performances. Traditionally, students are on the frontline, and the faculty and staff fulfill their roles behind the scenes. This year, on Wed., Sep. 27, there is going to be a spin on this tradition.

Concordia’s own talented professors will be playing in a musical performance on campus, deemed the “Faculty Chamber Recital,” at the Zhang Orchestra Hall, inside the Borland-Manske Center from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. This event is free, there are no tickets required and all are welcome.

Dr. HyeJung Shin, who is coordinating this recital, wears many hats. She is currently Concordia’s director of Chamber Music and Collaborative Piano, a vocal and instrumental coach and collaborative pianist and the director of the Concordia Music Competition and the Summer Chamber Music Camp.

When discussing the orgins of the faculty recital, Shin gave context as to how the idea of it all came about. She said, “The Chamber Music Ministry at Concordia was established last academic year, under the leadership of [myself ], with the aim of bringing music to our chapel, local churches, schools and community organizations each semester. This year, we introduced the Faculty Chamber Music Recital as part of our ministry’s efforts to promote chamber music and inspire a deeper exploration of musicality in small chamber settings.”

Shin added, “[This recital] provides an excellent opportunity for our students to enjoy outstanding performances by our esteemed faculty members. Our faculty members were
thrilled and enthusiastic about participating in this event.”

In preparation for the concert, Shin said that “as for the rehearsal process, each group of faculty members plans and conducts their own rehearsals.” All of the faculty members are simultaneously busy with their other responsibilities outside of practice. She said, “[These professors] are not only accomplished musicians with exceptional skills, but also dedicated educators and passionate chamber music enthusiasts.”

Within this performance, the program specifies that the faculty members performing will be Professor Sierra Allen on clarinet, Professor Jenny Oh on cello, Dr. HyeJung Shin on piano, Dr. Julie Long on flute, Professor Jared Turner on viola and Professor Gretchen Kirby on harp.

For more information, please visit https://www.cui. edu/arts/music/events.


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