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photos of students from LEST last year

By Jenna Hoffman | 2/9/2024

Concordia Irvine is hosting the Lutheran Elementary School Tournament OC once again this year, where elementary schools from California, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho will be competing in a myriad of events. 

Many students from these schools have also been creating art pieces for the Visual Arts portion of the tournament. Concordia’s Visuals Arts Department Chair Rachel Soo said they have gotten art submissions from four of the competing schools. Soo said, “We will be exhibiting student artwork from four schools. Students' ages range between fifth and eighth grade.” The students’ work will be displayed from Feb. 16 to March 4. 

Sara Fletcher, Associate Professor of Studio Art at Concordia said, “A panel of four judges [Rachel Soo and Sara Fletcher from Concordia, Kate Doss from Crean Lutheran and Jeannie Mooney from Orange Lutheran] provided written comments to each student and selected three awards of excellence to be presented at the Feb. 17 closing ceremony.”

The organizers of LEST said, “This exhibition presents the winning artwork of students from Lutheran elementary schools participating in the Lutheran Elementary School tournament. LEST focuses on the value of a Christian education that emphasizes the love and praise of God, the thankful use of personal talents and service to others.”

LEST allows young art students to create and compete for prizes and recognition of their work. Soo said it is important for students to get to see their work in competition. Fletcher said, “Whether or not these students pursue art in the future, this show gives them the message that beauty matters. Their art is placed where people can see and contemplate it, as they created it to communicate with others, possibly as an effort toward wholeness.” 

Fletcher added, “Healthy competition can also motivate students to strive a little beyond their current abilities in any discipline - in this case; they serve their neighbors best with excellent art. We hope the exhibit will support these budding artists and give them ideas when they return to make more art.”

If you are interested in seeing the students’ artwork Soo said, “Concordia's students are invited to attend a reception for the LEST OC 2024 Art Exhibition in the John and Linda Friend Art Gallery in Grimm Hall, on Fri., Feb. 16 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Come drop by as you are able.”

Fletcher added, “Being a viewer is an act of service: even seeing college students silently looking at their art would be an honor for the exhibiting students. And hopefully, Concordia students will be blessed by the young students' art.”

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