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Concordia's Men's Chorus is ready to delight audiences on Feb. 10 with their light hearted songs and dances.

By Rebekah Michel | 2/9/2024

In anticipation of the upcoming February holiday, students in the Music Department are preparing for their “Concert for Valentines.” Featuring the Donne Di Canto women's chorus and the Men's Chorus under the direction of Dr. Clarissa Shan, “A Concert for Valentines” has become a yearly tradition for Concordia and is one of the most well attended and highly anticipated concerts of the Music Department season. 

On Feb. 10 at 7 p.m., the CU Center will turn into a joyful celebration of love, featuring classical repertoire, contemporary hits and dances from student ensembles. “I think this concert is so popular because it is so unique. It really is unlike anything else that the Music Department has to offer,” said Caleb Vaughan, junior. Vaughan is a Commercial Music major and is enjoying his first year in Men's Chorus. 

“A Concert for Valentines” allows for the Music Department to showcase a wide range of styles and genres that are often not heard in other choral concerts at Concordia. “Audiences will probably know at least one song in the program, likely more! There are jazzy love songs, pop love songs, biblical love songs and others. Choral arrangements of songs by famous artists such as Queen and Taylor Swift are also rumored to make an appearance,” said Nicole Kramer, freshman. Kramer is a double major studying Theatre and English and will be performing in her first Donne Di Canto Valentine's Day concert. 

While Valentine's Day can often be centered around only romantic love, “A Concert for Valentines” celebrates various forms of love. “My favorite part of the program is the unique perspective on love that is approached in this concert. One of the songs in this concert is pulled from the book of Ruth and captures the longing and loyalty between mother and daughter. It is love rooted in faith. Not often is this the type of love we think of during Valentine’s Day, but it’s moments like these that make the concert so special,” said Camille Beeson, sophomore. Beeson is a double major studying Theatre and English and has been a part of Donne Di Canto for two years. 

Additionally, “A Concert for Valentines'' gives students the opportunity to audition with and participate in solos, duets and trios. These additional musical numbers and performances are meaningful to students who are studying music at Concordia and those who are not. One of the great benefits of Concorida’s choral ensembles is their impact and value to a wide range of students, majors and programs.

 “I think people don’t realize how many people who are in Donne Di Canto and Men’s Chorus are also involved with athletics, Bible studies, theater and other extracurricular activities. You probably have a friend or teammate who is in choir just because they love to sing,” said Kramer. 

“A Concert for Valentines” will take place on Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at the CU Center. Concordia students can enjoy free tickets by using the code CUISTU at checkout. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit  

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