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By Leonard Memon | 1/20/2023

Aris Howsepian is an exceptional sophomore in Concordia’s Music Department who plays numerous instruments, writes songs and sings on an outstanding level.

Howsepian’s musical career started at a young age. He recalled, “My musical journey began when my parents enrolled me in violin and piano lessons, which I started at three and a half years old and five years old, respectively. Since then, my immersion in music inspired me to begin composing and songwriting, which I have been doing for as long as I can remember.”

Howsepian’s hard work has paid off for him in a big way. “I have now been able to combine all of those skills to produce, write for, and innovate in many genres of music, including classical music, contemporary/pop/rock, and even music for media, such as video games and podcasts,” said Howsepian. Currently, Howsepian plays the violin, piano, electric bass, ukulele, guitar and sings.

Dr. Christian Hauser, associate professor of music, noted that, “Aris is very talented. Not only is he a strong songwriter and producer, he plays several instruments.”

Hauser added, “Most music students are segregating between ‘classical’ and ‘commercial’ music majors. However, Aris is unique in his talents that enable him to navigate the commercial and classical worlds seamlessly. He's a tremendous help through his involvement in orchestra, commercial and worship teams, and music technology.”

(WHO IS KAITLYN?) Kaitlyn Bills, sophomore commercial music major and vocalist, said, “He always has so many musical ideas that continue to build off of one another and never fails to take a song to the next level for it to really connect with listeners lyrically and be enjoyed musically.”

Violinist Laura Stoi added, “The best part of Aris’s musical ability is his compositional creativity and pure tone and intonation on the violin. He is also good at improvising in different styles on various instruments.”

Pre-med student Oliver DiMartino finds that Howsepian’s “original music is dazzling—he has incredible creative energy and range. He has a masterful ear for blending eclectic sounds into a result that seems intuitive, but is really quite audacious and unexpected.”

While Howsepian is already an accomplished musician, the sky's the limit for him. WHO IS MASON? Mason Wong, senior commercial music major and guitarist, believes that Howsepian’s “trained ear is able to bring out the best qualities of an instrument when composing or mixing music. This understanding allows him to already create professional sounding mixes; and will only be improved with time.”

Hauser added, “He is hungry, eager to learn and has a positive disposition. He is humble about his talents and will excel in whatever path God has in store for him.”

Howsepian is more than just a great violin player. He cares deeply about his friend group. DiMartino said, “He is often the ringleader for group activities, and finds ways to keep the people around him together when we get busy.” 

Stoi added, “The best part of Aris as a person is his humor and friendliness. He is easy to have a conversation with and will make you forget your sorrows with his jokes.”

Wong said, “Aris is an extremely charismatic person. His attitude is able to influence the flow of a class and turn it into one that is more light-hearted. His personality also adds a quality to the classroom in which people feel more comfortable participating.”

If you are interested in listening to Howsepian’s music or learning more about his musical style, visit his website at or follow him on Instagram @aringinsilence.


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