Theatre Department starts performances of "Godspell" play this week

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By Mari Malig | 11/11/2022

Starting on Nov. 11 through Nov. 17, the Theatre Department will be performing "Godspell" in the Black Box Theatre. 

Professor Lori Siekmann, Theatre Department Chair, said that "Godspell" “is a modern re-telling of Jesus gathering his disciples, teaching them and then going through Holy Week.” She added that throughout the play there are parables of Jesus told through a comedic improv style, and “One might think that would not be interesting, but they are very funny with a lot of physical comedy. It's very entertaining!” 

"Godspell," tells a story that is thousands of years old, but Siekmann said that while the story is old, “the show brings the truth of it to today rather than seeing it as ancient history.” 

Siekmann has enjoyed preparing for "Godspell" and said, “Getting to the opening night of any show is a process of learning music, choreography, lines of dialogue, characterization, etc.” 

Choreographer and Dance Professor, Autumn Mortenson, said that the Theatre Department has been intensely preparing for the play, and “[They] started working on the choreography about six weeks ago with two to three choreography rehearsals a week.” She also said that there are various types of dancing featured in "Godspell." and “the cast worked really hard to learn a lot of choreography really quickly.” 

Siekmann added, “The choreography ranges from big jazzy production numbers to a vaudeville-style soft-shoe to a serious song with individual solos in a modern style.” Mortenson also said that with choreographing for "Godspell,” a musical, “there is room for multiple styles within the overall landscape of the production to help tell the story.”

Junior Music Education and Vocal Performance major, Anna Martin, said that she has enjoyed preparing for "Godspell" and “the cast got the incredible privilege to just have the absolute most fun time making discoveries in our parables and different scenes.” 

With its comedic tone, Martin said that the cast “had the most fun coming up with pop culture references in [their] parables and scenes.” She said that the audience will be able to relate to the jokes in the show because of the references. 

A special part of the play is the connection between the actors and the audience. Martin said, “We get to break the fourth wall the entire show and it is super fun to establish that connection.” 

The cast is excited to put on a good show and Siekmann said, “Every Concordia student has to take New Testament, and while this show is not perfectly Biblically accurate all the time, it is a way to engage with the Gospel to make it come alive.” She added, “There are some moments I hope will surprise and treat the audience.”

Siekmann noted that each student can get a free ticket and said, “This show will most likely sell out. Reserve your ticket in advance!” She said that watching the show is a good “stress-relief break” because of its fun music and funny jokes. 

The first showing of "Godspell" is tonight at 7:30 p.m. To see the other five showings of the play, and to buy tickets, visit"Godspell"-tickets-113096.


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