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President Doctor Thomas

A letter from Doctor Thomas

12/8/2023 - 1 minute read

The fall semester is quickly coming to a close, as you are all too aware. After such a long semester, you kind of just want to hang out with your friends until you leave for home.  However, you still have work to do… you need to put the final touches on those essays (OK, let’s be honest, some of you still need to start those essays!). You might need to finish up requirements of your internship or research project. And some of you are anxious about those dreaded final exams.

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Taken from website with link: https://www.masterclass. com/articles/gospel-music-guide

Glory to Gospel music

11/10/2023 - 3 minute read

The beauty of singing a song of worship is undeniably empowering in a world of great emotion and struggle, and doing it in a group setting is even better. That is what gospel music brings to so many people of various backgrounds across the globe, whether they are Christian or not.

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Grad school fair

Students consider advanced degrees at Concordia's largest grad school fair

10/27/2023 - 3 minute read

On Wed., Oct. 18, the Center for Career and Vocation hosted over 30 graduate schools from across the nation to provide information, options and support for Concordia students considering. On Wed., Oct. 18, the Center for Career and Vocation hosted over 30
graduate schools from across the nation to provide information, options and support for Concordia students considering advanced degrees.advanced degrees.

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Beyond border: International Business Club

10/27/2023 - 2 minute read

Calling all innovators and visionaries—the International Business Club (IBC) is looking for creative thinkers to become a part of their team, dedicated to changing the world one great idea at a time. 

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Mid-semester update: Yosemite Basecamp

10/27/2023 - 1 minute read

Hello Golden Eagles!  

We have reached mid-semester, and students are busy with activities, papers and exams. But hopefully, you were all able to get a restful couple of days off on Mid-Semester Break! Whether you were able to travel home, take some time off, or get some rest, we hope it was a good long weekend.  

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Students helping each other fold blankets on tables set up in front of CU Center.

Charity at Chapel: Students come out to SHOUT 4 Life Tailgate

10/27/2023 - 2 minute read

The SHOUT 4 Life Tailgate brought plenty of students together in front of the CU Center chapel during the evening of Thur., Oct. 19, as they made hygiene bags and blankets for homeless people in need of those essential supplies. 

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Forensics team posts season-ending victories.

Forensics competitors know how to settle a debate

10/6/2023 - 2 minute read

What is Forensics? Professor Konrad Hack, director of Forensics for Concordia, describes Forensics as “an oral argument, whether it’s in the form of speech or in a debate event… a well-organized and well-delivered presentation.”

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The HUNT, PALs celebrate their lip sync win

A night of lip-sync and silent disco

10/6/2023 - 2 minute read

Fri., Sept. 29, Concordia students and staff danced the night away at Eagles’ Landing for the HUNT’s lip sync battle and silent disco night. It was a night to remember, and the energy was electric. 

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Officer Rick Gramer speaks to a crowd of students and faculty.

Attendees of violent intruder response training learn vigilance and awareness

10/6/2023 - 2 minute read

Irvine Police and Concordia Campus Safety trained students on how to respond to violent intruders in a special lesson two weeks ago on campus. A few of the students shared what they learned in order that everyone may have the skills to prevent dangerous situations from occurring in the future.

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Professor Tyler Zarubin

Biology professor grows garden's heritage on campus

9/22/2023 - 1 minute read

With an incredible academic journey and an earnest love for the natural world, Professor Tyler Zarubin, a distinguished intellect in the field of biology, has left a deep-rooted mark on campus.

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