ASCUI Survey Inspires New Seating on Campus

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Students using the new seating outside of Eagle's Landing

By Maddy Haase | 10/20/2017

During the last month, University Services and ASCUI joined forces. Their goal was to create a comfortable on-campus space for students to study and relax with friends. At the beginning of the semester, ASCUI conducted a survey to learn what students liked and wanted improved on campus. The survey showed students want more places to hang out with friends. The new seating in front of Eagles Landing, around the CSLD and just outside the CU Center music wing is the result.

The new seating inside Eagles Landing, modeled to emulate the feel of a coffee shop, gives students a more ambient space to talk and work with friends. The seating outside Eagles Landing offers more space for students to sit and enjoy the outside. Don’t worry, if you liked the old tables, they’re still on campus. These tables can be found along the wall of the commons lawn behind the CSLD and the bookstore. Repurposing the old furniture into new locations gives students an opportunity to spread out and enjoy more diverse seating options along the grassy area.

One of the final updates that has occurred outside of Eagles Landing is the addition of the pergolas located near the flagpole next to the common lawns. This will provide students with a shaded, comfortable seating area.

Along with all the changes to Eagles Landing, there has been new seating in place in between the CSLD (Center for Learning and Development) and the bookstore. There is outdoor furniture that allows students, both commuters and residents, to sit and do homework or relax between classes. There will also be furniture placed in all of the resident halls to allow more space for students to hang out near the dorms. The final piece of outdoor furniture was placed outside of the CUC, in front of the music doors.

All of these changes and improvements made are to help students feel welcome on Concordia’s campus.

Thank you for the feedback that ASCUI receives, as it is beneficial and essential. Without it, students lose out on opportunities to shape and form a better campus for all. We hope that you enjoy the new amenities.

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