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By Grace Nyberg | 10/27/2023

With over 40 active members, IBC includes students from all around the globe who are committed to the club’s mission and share an interest in business and international trade. It’s open to anyone on campus and welcomes entrepreneurial minds and industry pioneers. 

“I must say that we have a fantastic team and there hasn’t been an instance where anyone wasn’t putting in their part,” said vice president, Tristan Greshake. Senior and Business Management major, Greshake has already been offered a full-time position at one of the largest general contractors in the U.S. He attributes success to the things he learned while being a part of IBC such as event planning, promoting and professional communication. 

Leading the club is senior Maria Sartin, a Business Finance and Business Marketing major who serves as president for the current academic year. A New Zealand native, Sartin emphasizes a global perspective in her leadership and encourages students to dream big. “I want this club to be one that people get excited about,” said Sartin, “one that people really want to come to.”

Sartin, a member of the track team, is the founder and owner of an athletic clothing line called “Uncontainable.” Her company's mission strives to empower women by allowing them to embrace what makes them “uncontainable.” She incorporates this mindset into her role and provides opportunities for students to assume responsibilities and discover their professional strengths.

In addition to gaining an experience of what it’s like in the workforce, the club provides “opportunities to network, gain connections and be around like-minded people,” said Sartin.

An upcoming IBC event, titled “Entrepreneurs at All Stages,” is set to take place on Nov. 8 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. All students are welcome to attend and the event will feature presentations from two high-level executives. The opportunity to give a 30-second sales pitch will also be available to attendees and provide the chance to receive personalized feedback. 

The goal of the event is to promote professional development and increase confidence. Although entrepreneurship is the focus, Greshake emphasized that the event will cater to all students, those wanting to start their own business as well as those simply wanting to get a high-value job.

“Just one guest speaker event can give you a summary of experience which someone spent 30 years collecting,” said Greshake, commenting on the importance of this function. “Taking that first step by joining these events and having conversations with professionals can truly help in determining what one wants to do in life and also how to get there.”

To learn more about upcoming events or how to join IBC, contact Maria Sartin at


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