Biology professor grows garden's heritage on campus

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Professor Tyler Zarubin

By Naraly Soberanis | 9/22/2023

With an incredible academic journey and an earnest love for the natural world, Professor Tyler Zarubin, a distinguished intellect in the field of biology, has left a deep-rooted mark on campus.

Zarubin started his academic journey at the University of California San Diego, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in Behavior, Ecology and Evolution in the sciences, with a minor in Latin American Studies.

Zarubin pursued a master's degree in Zoology at Colorado State University, where he also focused on molecular endocrinology. During this time, he researched arthropods, specifically crustaceans, which built a strong basis for his current research into arthropod plant interactions, in the process of acquiring a doctorate degree.

Apart from his studies and research, Zarubin is a family man who treasures spendingtime with his loved ones. He tends to his garden and enjoys playing video games with his son, finding comfort in simple pleasures outside of his academic endeavors.

Zarubin became a biology instructor as he was fascinated by the natural world. His hard work and dedication to his students are undeniable in the warmth he displays in his teachings.

Drawn to the lively culture at Concordia, Zarubin has formed strong relationships within the Biology department. Zarubin began teaching at Concordia seven years ago as it aligns with his values, culture and beliefs. The department has been able to cultivate an inclusive environment where students can flourish.

Beyond the classroom, Zarubin focuses his talents to Concordia’s Heritage Garden. An interesting fact about Heritage Garden is the pillars upon which it was built. The garden is more than just a stress reliever; it is also the basis of Zarubin’s research where he conducts observations on arthropod plant interactions. The Heritage Garden has blossomed, playing a vital role in forming a sense of community.

The garden consists of a 40-bed community garden, greenhouse, 30- tree fruit and nut orchard, apiary, prayer garden and spaces devoted to the cultivation of native Southern California plants. As director of the Heritage Garden – which also employs students to help tend its five acres – and an instructor of the sciences, Zarubin has contributed to the unity of this campus.

Anyone is welcome at the Heritage Garden! If you want to get involved, contact the Heritage Garden director at tyler.zarubin@ or 949-214-3302. Another way to get in contact is by visiting the school's website under the Heritage Garden, where you can send a direct message.



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