Charity at Chapel: Students come out to SHOUT 4 Life Tailgate

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Students writing cards on tables at SHOUT tailgate in front of CU Center.

By Kent Bewley | 10/27/2023

The SHOUT 4 Life Tailgate brought plenty of students together in front of the CU Center chapel during the evening of Thur., Oct. 19, as they made hygiene bags and blankets for homeless people in need of those essential supplies. 

Abbey west and Eagles 4 Life teamed up together to organize this charity event here on campus. Besides blanket-making and hygiene bags, there was also a table where students wrote letters of encouragement to the homeless people who would receive those supplies meant for them. 

Noah Martini, a junior and Men’s Battalion Leader, helped organize the event through abbey west with his fellow Battalion leaders and Eagles 4 Life. Martini said, “What we’re trying to get out, especially with this event, is that we’re trying to show the redeeming love of Jesus through our service. So any love that we can give to our homeless people, that’s an opportunity to give God’s love to them.” 

Martini added, “So our Local Service Coordinator Mac [Clow]… he’s the one who kind of decided which organizations these things would go to, but we decide on these blankets and hygiene kits because… the basic needs are things that kind of get overlooked sometimes for homeless people.” 

The main recipient organization is the Orange County Rescue Mission, which is a faith-based, life-transformation program providing on-campus housing, basic needs and comprehensive services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. 

Junior Andrew Shiroma helped organize the tailgate event as well, and he spoke about his past experience volunteering at places that serve and aid those in poverty. “I have served at a church, Wintersburg Presbyterian, where we gave out food to the homeless.” 

Freshman Marty Herr gave his opinion on how faith has guided him toward helping people less fortunate than himself. “I’d say God asks us to help our neighbor, God asks us to give what we can to help the poor and the needy. So I think that should be taken seriously,” Herr stated. 

Junior Madison Zuniga, the president of Eagles 4 Life, talked about helping the homeless and caring for all people throughout their lives. Zuniga mentioned the cards of support that some students wrote for the homeless people, saying, “We’ve also added encouraging personal cards… Bible verses in them as an added touch to just let people know that they really matter and we value their lives.” 

The SHOUT 4 Life tailgate was just one of many events that Concordia’s clubs and groups have done in terms of helping serve the homeless and impoverished communities throughout the local community. Opportunities like this one are always available with on-campus groups or local nonprofit organizations like the Orange County Rescue Mission. If you have a charitable spirit to give aid to the poor, don’t hesitate to get involved and volunteer because there’s always someone out there who could use your help. 


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