College Corps creates community engagement through education

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By Madison Zuniga | 4/21/2023

Concordia’s College Corps program partners with several local tutoring agencies to allow

for college students to give back to their communities in an impactful, education-oriented

way. Chloe Zapata, freshman, and Elize Chavez, junior, discussed their experiences working

with K-12 students, and the benefits of College Corps.

Zapata serves with the online tutoring program Learn to Be. Though a Business

Management major, she has been able to help young students with English and History.

“Because they’re elementary students, this is such a vital time for them to grow themselves,

and I love to be a part of that,” she said. Even though the tutoring is conducted online, Zapata

affirmed that tutors can still make personal connections with their students.

Chavez works as a tutor and coordinator at Step Up Tutoring, another online tutoring

service which directly supports the LA Unified School District. As a Mathematics major, she

helps elementary age children hone their arithmetic skills. She addressed the initial

difficulties of working with students post-pandemic. “Because of the pandemic, for my fifth

graders, multiplication wasn’t good. But both of them have gotten so much better. They’re

not giving up, they want to put in work, and it’s so encouraging.”

Zapata described why she decided to join College Corps as a freshman. “I was looking for a

job when I heard about College Corps. It is a job, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like a task to

check off and get a paycheck. This is something that is not only benefiting me, but

benefiting others too, and so it has so much more meaning and purpose.” She spoke about

the valuable experience she has gained as a tutor. “This program really shows you that you

are more capable than you think. I hope to do College Corps next year too!”

Chavez loves the energy and joy of her young students. “I never had experience teaching or

tutoring, so I’ve learned ways to engage with children better, taking interest in their

interests.” Though at first hesitant about the online aspect of tutoring, she’s learned to

appreciate the flexibility. “Recently I’ve been getting really good feedback from supervisors,

so even though online is different, it’s been a really rewarding experience.”

For more information about the College Corps Program, contact College Corps Coordinator

Jennifer Sheek at, or submit a Student Interest Form available on

the Center for Career & Vocation page on Concordia’s website.




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