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By Jenna Hoffman | 1/20/2023

Are you passionate about service? Concordia’s College Corps Fellowship Program offers rewarding opportunities for students to enrich their local communities. You could be supported financially, and involve yourself in meaningful projects. 

The program blends service work with financial resources to create an attractive option for students who desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Concordia’s website outlines the College Corps Fellowship incentive: “Eligible students will receive $10,000 toward their education in exchange for completing 450 hours of service over the course of an academic year.” 

Mariah Lucas, Director of Career Development and Vocation, described it as a “transformative commitment that will give you the opportunity to care for others, gain professional skills, be mentored, and help provide financial assistance throughout your academic year.” Centered around service hours, the fellows (students) are prepared for “workplace readiness” through the professional development which is built into the program. “We want the service fellows [to have a] meaningful work experience for their future career goals.” Lucas said.

The initiative launched at Concordia in the fall of 2022. Concordia was selected as one of only a few private schools in California involved with the statewide #CaliforniansForAll College Corps Program. 

Potential areas of service include local K-12 schools, food banks or climate action organizations. “Our fellows get to see first hand the power of caring for others through the work they are doing,” said Lucas.

“Learning skills in communication, problem solving, leadership, working with a team - these are all things that our fellows have learned that will strengthen their current friendships, family relationships and work environment,” said Jennifer Sheek, College Corps Coordinator. 

“This is the first year we’ve done the program here,” said Kirstie Skogerboe, College Corps Fellowship Assistant Coordinator. “The students have handled it really well. In particular, students have really positive things to say about certain sites we’re working with this year.”

Laura Gibson, freshman, described her experience working at Tanaka Farms in Irvine. “Getting placed there was so exciting,” she said. “One of their goals as an organization is to educate the public on agriculture. I get the chance to start people’s research on produce, farm life and our world as a whole. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“It is a big commitment that comes with incredible benefits that will grow and challenge you,” Lucas said. “Attending information sessions or stopping by our table at lunch is a great first step in deciding if this opportunity is a good fit for you.”  

Details about the College Core Fellowship, as well as a student interest form, are available on the Center for Career & Vocation page on the CUI website. Students can also contact the College Core Coordinator Jennifer Sheek at Applications for the 2023-24 academic year are currently being accepted and opportunities to participate are limited. Interested in applying? Don’t miss out; reach out today!



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