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By Jenna Hoffman | 2/10/2023

Eagle Exchange is a new club at Concordia that prioritizes the reduction of waste and provides fun opportunities for students to thrift for free on campus. 

Last year, Concordia students and roommates, Emma Magnuson, Kayla Hoech, Christiana Patton and Cielo Guerrero were sitting in their room and talking about unnecessary waste that occurs on campus, especially at the end of each year. 

Junior and club Vice President, Kayla Hoech, said that every year they “notice the same pattern of how students who are graduating or who live far away throw away items in good condition simply because they can't take them with them. Then, at the beginning of the next semester, [they] see many students buying those same items because they need them.” So the girls came up with a solution and created Eagle Exchange.

Junior and club President, Emma Magnuson, said that Eagle Exchange’s mission is “to provide Concordia students an accessible thrifting resource, to reuse clothing and furniture, and to grow the on-campus community through events.” Magnuson added, “We want students to have a chance to thrift without having to leave campus and become more aware that there is a resource available to them.”

Eagle Exchange has already hosted a few pop-ups so far this year outside of the cafeteria and hopes to continue that. Magnuson said, at the pop-ups, “students can drop off their clothes (or dorm items) and take anything they want for free.” These events make it very easy for anyone to get involved and help to reduce waste. Magnuson added, “In general, I hope that the club continues to spark interest and conversation around campus about how we can be less wasteful with our dorm and college items and our purchases.”

As for the rest of the semester and beyond, Magnuson said they want to host a service event at a thrift shop and plan a trip where everyone can go thrifting together. Another important addition that Magnuson and the other members hope to add to the club is sharing the textbook bookshelf in the CSLD. Magnuson said, “Here, students can drop off textbooks they do not need anymore and take anything for free! I hope that this can pick up more traction over the years and more students can take advantage of this opportunity.”

Junior and Treasurer of Eagle Exchange, Christiana Patton, said, “We hope to get our name out more around campus and do more events where many students can get involved.” She added that they “[want the club] to be an enjoyable experience for students and the Concordia community where they can express themselves.”

Hoech pointed out that “trash bins are overflowing, and wallets are growing thinner,” so as the end of the year approaches if you have any clothes or dorm items that you want to get rid of, reach out to Eagles Exchange and donate them to their cause instead of throwing them in the trash. That way you are contributing to an environmentally friendly cycle and helping other Concordia students in the process. 

If you have questions about Eagle Exchange or are interested in getting involved, reach out to Emma Magnuson at emma.magnuson@eagles.cui.edu



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