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By Jenna Hoffman | 1/20/2023

EPiCS is a STEM-oriented club on campus that promotes conversation and the gathering of students and professors who are interested in making connections on campus.

EPiCS stands for Engineering, Mathematics (Pi) and Computer Science, but you don’t need to be studying any of these subjects to join the club. Senior and event organizer, Robby La Tourette, said, “You don't actually have to be a STEM major to join. What we really are is a group of students and professors who like planning fun events and service projects throughout the year.”

Junior and Education/Academics Officer, Kyle Christenson, said, “We hold events open to all majors including study nights, game tournaments, service projects and STEM talks. The goal of EPiCS is to create an environment where students can academically succeed, connect with one another and most importantly have fun.” 

La Tourette said, “I’ve personally seen business, music, kinesiology, biology and history majors show up to our events in the past and it's always a joy to have some new faces at our events.” 

The goal of EPiCS “is to lead events/gatherings of students interested in creating friendships and bonds with other students as well as professors,” said La Tourette. He added, “We strive to make all our events fun, upbeat, refreshing, caring, outgoing, casual and kind.”

EPiCS has a wide variety of events planned for this semester that everyone can enjoy. La Tourette said they are planning a “retro video game night, where we will set up an arcade with video game consoles/arcade machines spanning the past 50+ years.” There will also be a “karaoke night in the Computer Science lab as well as some community service projects.”

Christensen said that their first event is on Jan. 20 where they will be “playing board games and Jackbox in the library arts Computer Science lab.” Then on Feb. 2, EPiCS “will have a bouldering event at a nearby climbing gym.” 

EPiCS is first and foremost a club dedicated to creating a community and facilitating fun. It can also be a place to have conversations regarding engineering, mathematics and computer science and a great way to connect with professors in those fields. 

If you are interested in participating in fun and engaging events join EPiCS. For more information on their full schedule of upcoming events, follow their Instagram page @cui_epics.



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