From the President: A letter to students from Dr. Michael Thomas

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By President Dr. Thomas | 1/20/2023

Dear Students,

In the first few weeks of spring semester, we have faced a number of particular disruptions. Natural gas leaks have caused shutdowns limiting hot water. Atmospheric river storms have hammered California causing all sorts of flooding issues on campus and beyond. Construction hazards and detours have affected dorm road and taken several walking paths offline near the new softball stadium.  

There have been lots of disruptions, but you’ve handled these so very well and with grace and forgiveness. Thank you! It will definitely be worth it in just a few months as we sit together to cheer on the softball team this spring!

There have been so many other changes around campus as well. We’ve introduced a new brand campaign which included updating the academic and athletic logos. While change can be hard at first, I love seeing many of you in new gear, featuring the new, more aggressive Golden Eagle, or—my favorite—the eagle talons with the tear marks. And of course, you’ll be seeing these new marks appearing across campus in the coming months, as we update the athletics, including the CU Arena, and as we install new campus signage to identify buildings and to help visitors with finding their way.

The Paul and Cathy Schroeder Library & Learning Commons was dedicated on October 6, 2022. The Schroeders, who gave a substantial gift to fund the renovation, were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony. They care deeply for you, the students, and have supported this university for more than 40 years. As we walked through the building, they were heartened to see students spread out through the building, either studying individually or working in groups. We’re so happy that you are using all the new spaces that we’ve dedicated over the last few years… and there are more to come! 

Most importantly, I want to say “thank you” to each of you, students! One of the great joys of serving as President is inviting alumni, donors, supporters and friends of Concordia to campus. These visits always include impromptu introductions of students. Unlike other universities, none of this is scripted. Sometimes I just stop you to introduce our guests, and you are always gracious, kind, respectful and loving. Our guests palpably feel your genuineness. And often they deepen their commitment to supporting Concordia due to these moments with you! Thank you!  

My prayer for you this semester is that our Lord will bless and keep you. Thank you for leaning into your education here at Concordia! Go Golden Eagles!  

For His Students,

Dr. Michael Thomas



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