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By Jenna Hoffman | 3/17/2023

CUI Nomads is a new club on campus that seeks to increase campus community by encouraging the student body to explore the outdoors.

Faculty advisor, Michael Ottenad, said that “The Nomads were created to make a space where students could find other students who like to do outdoorsy things.” He added, “A lot of folks came to Concordia having a ton of outdoor experience back home, but given they are new to our community at CUI, they may not know other people who have the same passions/hobbies.”

Ottenad said that when it comes to CUI Nomads, “I try to make sure we have the right equipment to set them up for success in programming/adventure planning.” This allows the club to go on various outdoor trips and adventures.

Ottenad hopes that “CUI Nomads will become that central hub for outdoor rec from the student side.” Because the club does not have a budget to plan weekend trips yet, he hopes students will plan their own trips and take advantage of the outdoor equipment rental system “and find some people in the club to come along as well.”

There are so many places in Southern California that offer great hiking trails and camping sites, so follow CUI Nomads' lead and start planning some trips with friends and make sure to utilize the rental system available at Concordia and CU Active. 

Ottenad noted, “We're going to be running elections for the club board soon! If anyone is interested, please email me at michael.ottenad@cui.edu to learn more.” 

If the combination of the outdoors and a great Concordia community sounds interesting to you, get involved in CUI Nomads and help to create fun opportunities with other students.


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