Housing Hype Night revised to reflect student feedback

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By Tabitha Johnson | 4/12/2024

Housing Hype Night is a student-centered event for residential students to select their housing assignment for the following year. Before attending the event on April 10, students were required to fill out the Fall 2024 Housing Application, be enrolled for the 2024-2025 school year, pay their housing deposit and have a roommate group of two or four. 

Based on feedback collected from students via Google Surveys as well as input from the student Senate, Housing Hype Night has been revised since 2023. Modifications to the event have been made to best suit the needs of students as well as organizational needs for the daunting task of placing 850 students into four buildings.

A criticism by students from 2023 was prizes being raffled off – and won by – Residential Assistants (RAs). To resolve this, Alexis Borland, Associate Director of Residence Life & School Spirit, said, “Housing Hype Info night had prizes, and RAs were not eligible for them.” A reserved parking spot, a sum of flex dollars and a visa card were raffled and won by students only. 

At the 2023 Housing Hype Night, upperclassmen did not receive priority housing selection privileges over underclassmen, as priority was based on having a complete roommate group. Due to feedback from students, upperclassman priority was reinstated for 2024, with full roommate groups of seniors and juniors being the first to choose. 

Victoria Clemens, Rho Resident Director, reported that “wait time” was a top issue from last year, saying, “The line was too long for students outside, and students inside the Caf became bored from waiting.” 

To limit wait time, the 2024 event was revised in two ways. 

First, applications for the Learning Living Communities (LLCs) in Upper Quads opened early this year, allowing for students of Upper Quads to be placed in their housing assignment on April 19. Not only did this improve students' ability to snag the LLC they wanted; it also meant 156 students were already placed before Housing Hype Night started. 

Second, Housing Hype Night was held in Grimm Hall allowing for one classroom to be utilized for students applying to Lowers and another classroom for students applying to Sigma. 

LLCs being filled the night before also meant a significant amount of students were not required to be at the event on April 10. Likewise, separating students applying to different buildings and not hosting a raffle the night of Housing Hype Night hoped to increase the speed of the event. 

Additionally, the Residential Housing Department placed a table outside the cafeteria during lunch hours on April 8, 9, and 10, offering students the option to ‘pre-check’ for Housing Hype Night. This was meant to increase the speed of the Housing Hype Night and give students an opportunity to clear any holds restricting their housing application.  

The Residence Life department has made extensive alterations to this year's Housing Hype Night based on responses and evaluations from students. Be on the lookout for surveys regarding Housing Hype Night 2024 to continue improving campus events and the community. 

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