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By Cristian Nunez | 9/23/2022

Mark those calendars and standby, Concordia’s violent intruder presentation and training is back in action. This information-rich seminar, hosted by both Campus Safety and Irvine Police Department, offers insightful training on how to keep yourself safe along with those around you. This event will take place on Tues., Sept. 27 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Denault Hall. 

Raul Morales, Director of Campus Safety, said, “The violent intruder response training is something we offer yearly, in some shape or form. We’d like to offer it through a live presentation and live training.” Students and staff will get the opportunity to learn the basics and develop skills alongside active-duty safety and law enforcement professionals.

Morales added, “The Irvine Police Department has a school-based risk assessment and response team, who are really good at presenting this information. The violent intruder response is offered as long as we request it.” 

Taking advantage of this opportunity can teach skills through a very immersive experience. Steven Rodriguez, the Associate Director of Campus Safety, said, “It’s going to be a different presentation this time. Last year was a case study, whereas this year will be more action and response based.” 

The seminar itself will consist of different types of teaching. Morales commented, “The actual presentation will probably only be 45 minutes, break for 10 minutes, then we’ll set up in the hallway with the police and develop a scenario. They’ll instruct you on what to do and move on from there.” This event will feature hands-on training meant to prep participants on acting thoughtfully under pressure. Morales said, “It’s really good because it’s a way of getting this information about how to recognize a violent intruder or a situation that might occur or about to occur.”

“What this presentation does is that it develops leaders, who get this training and get this information,” Morales said, “This training is good for everywhere, not just on campus.” Upon successful completion, there is a better chance that attendees will respond for their individual safety and possibly help those around them as well. Rodriguez said, “Irvine is safe, but not invincible.” Having the skills of leadership within danger and spatial awareness is recommended even within one of the safest cities in the nation. 

Rodriguez encourages would-be attendees to RSVP using the QR code on the posters that will be posted around campus or by clicking the link on the email sent to all the students. However, “If people just show up, that’s totally cool, we’re fine with that,” Rodriguez added. For those who are interested in signing up, keep a look out for the emails and posters!

Attending this seminar can offer beneficial teachings and even give a glimpse into what Concordia’s Campus Safety team drills on and prepares for. Morales mentioned, “During the summer, Campus Safety trains on responding and recognizing something dangerous that might be happening. We practice with dispatch and the officers and initiate a lockdown on Titan, as quickly as possible.” Observing these drills and performing them in-person can help participants understand the importance for everyone’s safety. Morales said, “It’s very worthwhile, I hope a lot of people show up.” Make sure to secure that reservation for this upcoming seminar, hosted by both Irvine’s and Concordia’s finest.  

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