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By Maad AlKadhim | 10/7/2022

Phi Epsilon Kappa is a kinesiology fraternity on campus that exposes students to different opportunities and speakers in their preferred career field of exercise science throughout the school year.

On September 28, Phi Epsilon Kappa initiated new members to the fraternity in Good Shepherd Chapel. Everyone was dressed in formal business attire for the ceremony, led by the club's leadership members. The president read the pillars of Phi Epsilon Kappa and shared the club's values and beliefs with the initiates. The new incoming members then read the pledge of the fraternity and signed their names in the Phi Epsilon Kappa membership book which has the name of every member since the chapter began here at Concordia. 

Junior Sarah Quinlan is the President of Phi Epsilon Kappa and oversees the club by planning events, paying their fees to the national board and finding guest speakers with the help of the other board members. Quinlan said, “I have a lot of freedom to make the fraternity how I choose, which is fun but can also be stressful. It is up to me to make the frat fun and worthwhile for everyone involved.” 

Junior and Vice President Logan Nelson said, “The purpose of this fraternity is to expose those with a Kinesiology major to careers in multiple different fields and to provide experiences/opportunities.” She added, “We plan to bring in multiple guest speakers from many careers based on what everyone in the frat is interested in such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, athletic training, etc.”

Quinlan said that there are some requirements to be a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa “including a 3.0 GPA and mandatory meetings.” Members also have to complete at least two service hours per semester. Quinlan said, “These service hours allow us to get hands-on experience in sports exercise science and know better what [we] want to do after college.”

Quinlan also emphasized the networking benefits of the fraternity, such as “having guest speakers come in and talk from many fields, such as admissions counselors from graduate schools, chiropractors, physical therapists, physicians assistants and doctors.” She added, “Having guest speakers creates connections for our members into grad schools and different professions.”

Faculty Advisor and Concordia alumni Aaron Richardson said he hopes “students get the opportunity to learn about their future occupations while growing both personally and professionally.” 

Phi Epsilon Kappa will also be hosting a very exciting event this year, the CU Olympics. Quinlan said, “This event consists of sports such as volleyball, table tennis, cornhole, races, weightlifting and others where teams and individuals can earn points throughout the day and, hopefully, win the Olympics and some prizes.” Quinlan said that last year was the first CU Olympics and that they hope to have more involvement from students this year.

Quinlan said that most of all she hopes “our students feel a sense of community by being a part of Phi Epsilon Kappa. I also hope they gain knowledge and insight into their passions to be more prepared for life and jobs after Concordia by gaining opportunities to connect with professionals in the fields they are interested in.”

If you are interested in making more connections in the kinesiology field and want to get involved in Phi Epsilon Kappa contact Sarah Quinlan at



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