Reaching and Speaking Out: How Senate Plans to Represent Students

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By Maddy Haase | 10/6/2017

Senate is committed to being a voice for students to inspire change all across campus. This year we have one of the largest groups of student Senators in Senate history. With this many Senators, we are able to look into more changes and grow the span of our reach on campus. This year we are committed to improving University Services, Campus Safety, Bon Appetite and Housing. We also seek to collect input from students of all kinds: transfers, residents, commuters, out-of-staters and internationals.

The Senators are excited to help and support students in any way they can. This year we are hoping to be a strong voice and presence on campus. Senators will be going around to the diverse groups and Residence Halls and will be asking students questions about what they like, love, and what they would like to change about Concordia. We value everyone’s opinion and are excited to see what students have to say and the ideas that they have for our campus.

In the next couple of weeks, surveys will go out to the various student groups and Senators will also be coming by dorms door-to-door. This is a great way for all students to have their voices heard and be able to raise awareness for the things that they are passionate about.  

Senate loves to hear the concerns and ideas of everyone on campus. As part of Senate’s drive to meet every student’s need, open forum meetings are held Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. in Sigma Square. Please come and share your voice. If you are not in Senate and have amazing ideas this is a good way to have that idea recognized and heard.

Senators learn leadership skills, get to know more people on campus and communicate with fellow students. It is a place for students to create clubs and gather ideas to improve our campus. The ASCUI team is excited to see what this year’s Senators have in store.

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