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Attacking the summer job market and planning now for fall

4/29/2022 - 3 minute read

CUI's spring semester is coming to an end next week; May 6 will be the last day of finals. Many students are looking for jobs or intern opportunities this summer after ending the school year. Other students want to make some extra cash or wish to be productive. 

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Audrey Plechas’ research explored using math to find a winning strategy for Jumbo Pop.

Sciences shine at Academic Showcase poster session

4/8/2022 - 1 minute read

Students donned their business attire and braved a chilly afternoon in the Breezeway on Thurs., Mar. 31 to present their posters for the 2022 President's Academic Showcase. 

Students presented research and findings on a variety of topics; they worked solo or in teams of two, three or four. The poster session enabled students to deliver short recaps of their research followed by Q&As with their audiences. Many students attended the session along with faculty and staff members.

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The Metaverse and It’s Impacts on Virtual Reality

1/21/2022 - 2 minute read

What is the Metaverse? It’s a question that has been plaguing a lot of people since the term was first coined last year by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, the app, and owner of Meta, the rebranded Facebook, the company.

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Mariah Lucas '15, Director of Career Development and Vocation

Where do I begin after CUI?

1/21/2022 - 2 minute read

I remember feeling so much pressure as graduation approached. Pressure to know exactly what I was going to do. Pressure to have a plan in place. Graduation. Graduate School. Private Practice. That is a common route for psychology majors to take, and I assumed that it was the route I should take. 

While in graduate school, I learned more about who I was, my personality and how I process information. I realized that my natural inclination is to focus on the future and to design my way forward. This did not fit the traditional views I had on what therapy is. 

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Academic Advising provides helpful resources

1/21/2022 - 1 minute read

The Academic Advising department has many resources available to new students throughout the semester. The academic advisors are there to support students all semester long, allowing students to stay on-track to graduate and grow towards their future vocations.

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Weekly artwork project by Meghan Geer.

Just once a week improves technique

12/10/2021 - 1 minute read

This semester, graphic design students worked on a creative weekly project to encourage consistent and creative thought.

Professor Soo, the Graphic Design Program Director, said that she was “inspired by Elle Luna's The 100 Day Project. She asks, ‘What could you do with 100 days of making?’ It focuses on showing up day after day and celebrating the process. I wanted to give my students a similar opportunity.”

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