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Alien corpse presented in Mexico court.

By Rebekah Michel | 9/22/2023

Recent UFO sightings and sup- posed alien remnants have pressed the question humanity has longed to answer- are we alone in the universe? Embark on a journey through the cosmos as we soar over the latest news surrounding life beyond Earth.

Alleged “alien corpses” from Cus- co, Peru were brought to court in Mex- ico this past week. The two corpses were estimated to be over 1,000 years old and supposedly served as proof of another species of intelligence. These claims were debunked, however, as scientists found these corpses to be recently configured dolls with paint and glue for skin.

Looks like E.T. never made it home.

Prior to this fiasco, a congressional hearing took place on July 23 that fea- tured the accounts of former govern- ment officials who sought to expose a congressional lack of transparency on the subject of extraterrestrial life and UAPs.

UAP is the new UFO, according to NASA, and stands for “unidentified anomalous phenomena.”

This name change allows for any- thing unidentifiable found in the air, sea and space to be categorized as something to investigate.

Discussions at the hearing focused on suspicious air activity, UAP sight- ings, and controversial claims of a “nonhuman” biological substance be- ing found at a UAP crash site.

“There is no evidence (scientific data) from a pathologist or biologist that confirms the existence of such a substance,” said Adjunct Physics pro- fessor, Michael J. Hoffert, “If such a substance exists, let’s see the scientific data. A discovery like this would be extremely hard to conceal if it existed.”

Despite his thoughts on the hear- ing, Hoffert doesn’t discredit the fact that other civilizations could exist. He said that the sheer vastness of the uni- verse only supports the idea that there could be species yet to be discovered. He suggests that life doesn’t have to be limited to carbon, which humans are based on, but could be based on an- other element – one that we may not even recognize.

Evan Vance, senior and extrater- restrial enthusiast, added to this idea, “I think most people make the mis- take of thinking aliens are only those big-headed creatures we see in the movies when in reality, it can just be something as simple as a microbial on another planet.”

In regards to the UAP sightings mentioned at the July hearing, Hoffert had much to say. He explained how a U.S. military program called AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identifi- cation Program) works to investigate encounters between UFO’s and the U.S. military.

Hoffert noted the trained eyes who observe some of these phenomena. “These objects were observed from the air by Naval pilots who are trained observers. People who we trust with our national security...The U.S. gov- ernment has stated that the data the Navy gathered is verifiable.”

There’s no doubt that there are things happening in the sky that can’t be easily explained. Whether it be military spy equipment or an alien species coming to say hello. “We must solve this puzzle of what is violating our airspace,” said Hoffert.

If you look up and see anything out of the ordinary, you can submit a re- port to the National UFO Reporting Center at


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