Get up and dance! The Irvine Village Global Festival delivers moments of celebration

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Entertainment from Street Beat during the the Irvine Village Global Festival

By Miylan Eubanks | 10/15/2021

On Oct. 9, in a roaring venture to bring families and friends together in the Irvine community, Irvine Village Global Festival was a success! The Irvine Village Festival showcased a host of different foods, entertainment and upcoming talent featuring artists like “Minor Strut” and “Street Beat.” 

Throughout the festival, families sampled a multitude of food stands such as Namaste Indian Flavor, Tacos & Co, Laomazing Eats and Johnny’s Real New York Pizza. 

If you would like to follow “Street Beat” the band for upcoming events and more information, check out the website If you’re looking to take your taste buds all around the world, seek no further. The Irvine Global Festival has you covered.

The festival not only showcased an incredibly appetizing and diverse food palette but a diverse range of talent, as well. One of the youngest and most vibrant acts the festival features this year was Minor Strut, an alternative rock band from Southern California. The young band consists of Coryn, lead vocalist, Ethan, or ‘E’, guitar and backup vocalist, Aiden, drummer, and Marquis Miranda, Bass and backup vocalist. 

This group may be young, but they are certainly not new to the stage, and have been performing since 2014 in a multitude of venues. Minor Strut rocked the stage this year. They woo’d their audience as they spread their infectious sound and rhythm across the stage with only “a few covers and one original song,” according to Miranda.

Miranda’s best advice to fans and audience members was, “Listen to more music. All music is insane! Just have fun with it. Try and learn an instrument.”

The festival also featured an incredibly innovative dance group called “Street Beat.” The group consists of Ryan Johnson, dancer and choreographer, Kane Daniel, drummer, and Ben Hanson, drummer and self-identified mastermind. Street Beat graces every stage with their own self-made innovative drumming instruments.

“It came together in 2004. The idea came about by entertaining lines and waiting for rides [at Six Flags Magic Mountain],” said Hanson. Hanson was actually hired to play bucket drum and a breakdancer came out and started dancing. “That’s where the style and idea originated. It’s just putting together groups of drummers and dancers...Just educating kids about drumming and music but not being able to afford equipment. That’s where the bucket idea came from because they were cheap overhead.”

Hanson hopes the group will connect with fans, “We want the kids to know that we’re back. We want to share our love of the arts of hip hop and drumming to our immediate communities here in Southern California in hopes that kids will continue to nurture the artistic side of themselves.”

The Irvine Global Village Festival was a time to enjoy music, share great food, and engage with community members after being deprived of such a unique opportunity for the past year and a half. The festival did just that. 

For more information about the featured festival talent, visit and


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