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By madeline | 1/21/2022

On Sat., Feb. 5, Concordia’s Music Department will welcome local students of all ages to participate in the Concordia Music Competition. In an in-person opportunity to demonstrate their musical prowess, the young musicians will compete for scholarships to the Summer Chamber Music Camp that was pioneered last summer by Dr. HyeJung Shin.  

Shin said of the competition, “I wanted to offer music programs that enrich young musicians' classical music experience in the Christian community and support them in developing the collaborative skills as they perform in a chamber group. Additionally, I feel the competition and Summer Chamber Camp are a great way to introduce Concordia to the community and recruit potential prospective students.” An estimated 75 students are registered for the competition.

The event is divided into solo and ensemble categories, and all instruments may compete. The first and second prize winners receive $200 and $100 scholarships for the 2022 Chamber Music Camp. 

Thirty-five students were involved in the chamber music camp last year. The camp consisted of comprehensive seminars, class performances, concerts and coaching sessions with Concordia faculty members. 

“Our boys have attended a wide range of summer camps over the years, and there are a lot of great programs around Orange County. CUI's Summer Chamber Music Camp, however, was an incredible experience that not only leveled up the ensemble performance skills for boys, but it also enriched their knowledge of musicianship and other musical disciplines.” said Lily Chou, mother of two participants in the chamber music camp. Her children will be competing in the competition as well. 

“As a parent, and as someone who studied music growing up, I know how important these opportunities are in helping young musicians to work towards a definitive goal line. It gives purpose to the learning process, and it creates a lasting memory along their musical journey, no matter the outcome of the competition… They have literally been counting down to their return to CUI,” Chou said.

Concordia’s premier music facilities in the Borland-Manske Center provide an ideal, high-quality space for students to rehearse, learn and perform. “It's inspiring to see the caliber of musical excellence here,” said Chou. 

Shin stated that it was her hope that, “young musicians will expand their musical horizons and enjoy making music through the experience.” She added, “Most of the participants had never visited Concordia even though they lived nearby. Everyone loved our beautiful campus and environment, and the parents expressed that they felt it was a very safe place, which made them comfortable sending their children here.”

Chou likened the experience to a taste of college for young musicians, “They've built a program that treats young musicians to a mini college experience, and I think that really resonates with these artists who have an inherent connection with music.”

The competition will be held in the Borland-Manske Center, and begins at 9 a.m. For more information about the Concordia Music Competition or the Summer Chamber Music Camp, contact Dr. HyeJung Shin at

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