National Pizza Day has students dish out their favorite pizza spots

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Endless combinations can be made with Blaze Pizza's toppings.

By Heather Hershfield | 2/9/2024

Today is National Pizza Day. In celebration, students at Concordia shared popular pizza places near campus. Each student had a variety of reasons for their preferred place to grab a slice that others might relate to.

Alberto Tapia, a sophomore and commuter, has a favorite spot: Blaze Pizza in the University Town Center, less than ten minutes from campus by car. “It’s made right in front of you, and you get to customize your own order,” Tapia said.

Along with regular crust, Blaze also has a vegan crust with gluten-free options, catering to those with dietary restrictions. They have a variety of toppings, with eight different cheeses and various choices of meat and vegetables. Customers can also opt for a drizzle of sauce such as pesto or ranch to take the personalization to the next level.

Convenience is also another factor Tapia takes into consideration when getting pizza. “I get pizza during my three-hour break between my classes,” Tapia said. “I’m a commuter, and it has to be close to campus.”

While some students prefer places close to campus, others are willing to travel further for a unique experience. Senior Tiffany Carillo appreciates the quality food and atmosphere of Trenta Pizza & Cucina in Costa Mesa, which is around a 20-minute drive from campus. “They offer a good variety of toppings with a mix of spices. The crust is thin and not greasy, which I really appreciate,” Carrillo said. 

Trenta Pizza is known for its authentic Italian food as a sit-down restaurant, and reservations are recommended. The establishment is “a delicious slice of Sicily in Orange County,” according to their website. If students want more on the menu, they offer a variety of traditional Italian dishes beyond pizza, such as antipasti, pasta and salad.

Some students come from cities well known for their pizza. Gracie Leininger is a sophomore and Theatre major from Chicago, home to the iconic deep-dish pizza. She explained how the pizza in California is not as good as one from her hometown in her opinion. However, she appreciates fast-food pizza such as Domino’s, which is handy. 

“I have pizza when going to a cast party for a show or when I go to the beach with friends,” Leininger said, “and one of us orders pizza. I wouldn’t normally get it by myself.” She usually orders delivery from Domino’s and appreciates the deals they often offer to save money.

Students can also opt for a close and casual place to enjoy pizza. Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza is located less than ten minutes away in Campus Plaza near Albertsons. In addition to being close by, the atmosphere suggests a friendly environment with sports games played and a giant gumball machine on display. The pizza place has been around since 1976 and has been named Best Pizza in Orange County four years in a row. 

While also enjoying their pizza, students can look to join the team and work at this nearby establishment. Senior Ross Bowen currently works at Sgt. Pepperoni’s and enjoys it. “We truly do live by our motto: Peace, Love, Pizza,” said Bowen, “which makes the Sgt. community truly amazing, and I hold them dear to my heart.”

It is evident that pizza plays various functions in students’ lives, and each has their own favorite place that they recommend. From customizable pizza to authentic Italian, fast food and locally owned pizza joints, there are plenty of options to choose from near campus. 


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