Chris Gould Earns His 100th Win For Men's Soccer

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Chris Gould with his eys on the field

By Reese Flynn | 10/20/2017

Concordia’s Men’s Soccer team walked off the Eagles Field on Sat., Oct. 14 with a 4-0 victory over Chaminade, but it was no ordinary PacWest win. Chris Gould, Director of Soccer, earned his 100th win as the Head Coach for the men’s program. Even after achieving such a significant milestone, Gould focused on the bigger picture. "It’s impressive for our program to achieve it,” said Gould. “I think it a reflection of the types of individuals that have come through the program and the coaches.”

As a former soccer player and Concordia graduate of 2006, Gould is the epitome of a Concordia Eagle, now coaching both men and women’s teams. Gould appreciates that this milestone happens to be at his alma mater and knows that success begins with a great foundation.

Gould found a gem in the recruiting process back in 2014 with Connor Gordon, graduating from  Edison High School in Huntington Beach. Gordon, now a senior, got a glimpse of Concordia soccer culture during his recruitment. “[Coach Gould] actually cared about what was best for me as a person, not only as a soccer player. He treated me with respect and honesty, which is also something that is very rare to find in college recruiting processes," said Gordon.

After being a part of many victories, Gordon has also seen the difficulties, especially during the time of transition from a NAIA program to NCAA Division II. Gordon feels lucky enough to have been a part of his coach’s 100th career win and he reflected on the program’s various ups and downs. Gordon said, “It has been amazing to see the positivity and determination in a coaching staff. [Gould] has made endless sacrifices and contributions to the program, and it is an incredible honor to return the favor and honor his legacy with the win. I am very proud to be a part of this program.”

While Gould is credited with all the wins of the past and the ones that will be sure to follow, he points out that he has had help along the way. That help comes in the form of his old teammate and longtime assistant coach, Cheyne Gordon ‘05. Gould said it is important to have Cheyne Gordon on the bench with him to serve as a “soundboard” but also pitch in many ideas. “The coolest part of the journey is doing it with someone who is also invested at the same level. We are invested as people, not [just] as coaches, or former players,” said Gould.

When looking in from the outside, it seems that Gould and Concordia haven't missed a beat. Athletic Director, Mo Roberson said the achievement is a "well-deserved honor for Coach Gould and a testament to the great student-athletes he has been able to recruit.” Roberson said this achievement is fitting since Gould was named PacWest Coach of the 2016-2017 year.

Many accolades and championships have come Gould's way over the course of his tenure at Concordia, and there appears to be no end in sight. The men’s program is currently competing for a top position in the PacWest Conference, but because of their recent Northern California trip being postponed due to the wildfire, it has put them behind for now. That trip is also delaying the inevitable for Gould securing another milestone, 100-career wins as the women's soccer coach. Only Mother Nature can slow Gould and his soccer program down. As long as he surrounds himself with great coaches and quality players, success will continue to come Gould’s way.

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