Despite creating good chances on the field, men leave APU with 0-1 loss

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By Jenna Hoffman | 10/7/2022

The men’s soccer team was unable to achieve victory against Azusa Pacific University in their first conference match at APU on Fri., Sept. 30. The difference was one goal with a final score of 0-1. 

Junior and defender Tyler Oakson said, “Our game versus APU demanded a high level of technical execution from the moment the game started to the moment it ended. APU is a very talented team, and the program is known for their ability to keep the ball. When we play against a team like this, we fully understand that we must match their technicality and exceed their work rate. The game was fast tempo and methodical, as it was crucial to always know where the APU players were and where the spaces were in the field.”

The Golden Eagles attempted to counter the technical prowess of APU during the game and wait out their opponent. Oakson said, “Our team decided to wait patiently for APU to make a mistake and we would look for those opportunities and pounce on it. Our goal was to get the ball and move quickly up the field before APU could get organized. We created many good chances from this system.”

Although the team lost by a goal, the game was much different than it looked. “It was a frustrating game. I think we were the better team on the field but did not manage to get the win,” senior and midfielder Klaus Huovila said.

Oakson agreed and added, “It’s difficult to say one singular missing piece [was the cause]… I thought we played very well, and that we produced very good chances in front of our goal. I also think our defense performed spectacularly, always making it difficult for APU to get a shot off. We all worked hard and left it all on the field. For that I am proud of my guys and now we are eager for the next game.”

The match against APU was not only filled with a good performance that came up just short, but it was also filled with things the team did well and will continue to do and improve on. “What worked well for our team was the counter attack opportunities,” Oakson continued, “If our team could continue to improve the longevity of our communication throughout an entire soccer match, then I have high hopes that our overall performance would improve.”

The soccer team plays their next two matches in Northern California. These matches are very important to the team. Oakson said, “We have two conference games in Northern California coming up this week. We are excited and eager to add some wins to our record.”

To continue supporting our Golden Eagles and their journey to add some wins to their conference records, follow their progress on and follow their Instagram page @cuimsoccer. The men return home to Eagles Field versus Biola on Sat., Oct. 15.



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