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By Caleb Kelm | 10/7/2022

Concordia doesn’t have a football team, but other colleges and the pros are playing. Because of this, team spirit across Concordia's campus comes in many different ways. As football season kicks off, who are you going to cheer for? 

Football season is a massive deal for many universities. For the top programs in the country, football is a community and a way to create popularity within a university. However, this popularity doesn’t stop at the collegiate level. The NFL generates billions of dollars while highlighting some of the world’s top athletes. For sports fans, there's no getting away from football. So who are students cheering for as football season begins to rev up? 

Many students decide their team from where they grew up or were born. Senior Isaiah Yunger, who grew up in the Seattle area, says the Seahawks are his favorite team. Dealing with the loss of their former quarterback Russell Wilson, Yunger said he is “not surprised or necessarily hurt” about Wilson's departure. 

Senior Jacob Dunagin has also gone through some recent heartbreak with his football team. The Rams moved back to Los Angeles in 2015, where they previously played from 1946-1994. Dunagin is from St. Louis where the Rams played for the entirety of his childhood. Even though his hometown team has moved on, Dunagin still sees the Rams as his favorite team. 

Senior Andrew Cox roots for the Cardinals because they were the first team he watched play in a Super Bowl. He also really “liked the color red and birds” when he was younger. 

Not all Concordia students are focused solely on the NFL. Senior Emely Torres cheers for USC for their SoCal roots and their “affiliation with sponsors” she uses every day. Senior James Weir generally doesn’t watch but will “always root for USC” because he knows some friends that go there.

However, not all Concordia students are enthusiastic about the start of the football season, college or pro. Senior and Finance major Rui Lui doesn’t watch either the NFL or NCAA football season. ASCUI Vice President Megan Auringer also doesn’t root for any particular football team. Freshman Natalie Cox agreed by saying, “Yeah I don’t care one second about football.”

While all of Concordia may not partake in fall football, there are tons of different sports and athletic events being held on Concordia’s campus. Whether you’re a fan or want to join in on the action, Concordia houses many NCAA sports and competitive intramural teams that can be enjoyed by anyone! For more information on Concordia’s upcoming athletic events, visit


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