Track athlete Maddie Jahshan sets new records

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By Morgan McGrath | 4/21/2023

Junior Maddie Jahshan, a runner on Concordia’s cross country and track and field teams, shared her thoughts and feelings about setting a new school and personal record for her event.

Q: How do you feel about setting a new school record and provisional national mark in your event [10,000 meters]?

A: Setting a new school record and provisional national mark is something I couldn’t even begin to imagine doing in my life, and even now it’s hard to imagine that I actually did! But I trusted my training, did the little things and worked my hardest everyday, and it paid off.

Q: What does it mean to earn a provisional national mark?

A: A provisional national mark is exciting because it means that you have a chance to compete against the best DII runners in the nation. 

Q: What helped you set a new record?

A: There’s no magic trick to how I set the new record. The way my coach put it, you have to be a 10k runner not just the day of the race, but everyday leading up to it. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, my actions are chosen with my goals in the back of my mind.

Q: What motivated you to keep pushing in your event and breaking records?

A: Twenty five laps is a while to be out there on the track, but my biggest motivator was my team. I have never run a race that I didn’t feel supported at all times. I myself think cheering for such a long race could get boring, but no matter how many times I do the 10k, my team is out there with me the entire time making sure I don’t give up.

Editor’s Note: Along with being a student-athlete, Maddie Jahshan is the Layout Editor for The Concordia Courier. On behalf of the Courier staff, congratulations, Maddie!



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