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By Brett Lux | 10/28/2022

The World Cup is a huge event that only comes around once every four years and for football (not the NFL, friends!) or soccer fans, this time of the year brings about the most excitement because they are able to watch top talent represent their respective countries.

Although soccer may not be the most popular sport in America, it is constantly growing in popularity. The World Cup is among the most watched and anticipated sporting event worldwide. Soccer players love watching the World Cup more than an average sports fan because of how much youth soccer players look up to their idols.

The upcoming World Cup is bringing about much excitement to the Concordia men's soccer team. Wyatt Burris, Kyle Miller, Klaus Huovila, Alex Perez, Tyler Oakson and Bryan Lopez all have their opinions on who they think will win the World Cup.

Kyle Miller believes that Brazil will win the Cup. He said, “They have the most depth, they can sub in players that are just as good as the starters.” Miller also believes that Brazil has “hungry young players who want to prove themselves.”

Klaus Huovila also believes that Brazil will be the champions of the World Cup. He said, “Brazil has so much talent and everyone on their team is a top player at their club.” Huovila added, “It is hard to imagine that any team can beat Brazil.”

Wyatt Burris thinks that Argentina will win the World Cup. He said, “Argentina has the greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi.” Burris added, “Argentina looked really good and promising in the World Cup qualifying rounds.”

Alex Perez shared his thoughts and said, “I think Brazil will win it because Neymar is one of my favorite players to watch and I think that this year he will really prove himself in this tournament as one of the greatest.”

Tyler Oakson shared a different opinion than the common Brazil or Argentina theme. He said, “Germany will win the World Cup because they have the most well rounded team.” He added, “They already won back in 2014, so they know what it takes to win the whole thing.”

Looking closer to home, Bryan Lopez believes that Mexico will win the World Cup. He stated, “I think Mexico will win because they are the underdogs and other countries don’t realize how good they can be.” He added, “They have a lot of hidden talent that can surprise everyone.”

To get a good look at all of the action this coming World Cup, the best places to visit would be watch parties posted online as local events. Even if that is too big of a crowd, it can be as easy as just streaming it on TV at home. Either way, this year's tournament will be watched by millions around the world. To learn more about the World Cup and streaming services, visit: world-cup-tv-schedule/



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