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By Zoe Hardy | 10/6/2023

The Concordia men's soccer team delivered an outstanding performance in their last preseason match against Azusa Pacific University, resulting in a well-deserved victory. The game was held at the Concordia athletic field, and the sidelines were packed with enthusiastic fans cheering on their Golden Eagles. 

From the very beginning, it was evident that the Concordia players were determined to win, and they demonstrated their skill and coordination on the field with precise passes, powerful shots and strategic maneuvers. 

The game was electric, as both teams put up a strong fight. Concordia bested the Cougars, emerging victorious with a final score of 1-0. The team's hard work and dedication paid off. Sergio Gutierrez, senior defender, made the team's victorious goal in the 74 minute of the game, just in time to scratch off a win.

The Golden Eagles were in need of this win as it propelled the team forward into conference competition. A preseason win like this gave the team hope for the upcoming conference games. In the 2023 PacWest preseason poll, Azusa Pacific is expected to place No.5, making this a substantial win for the men's team.

Senior midfielder Evan Vance said, “We have just been unlucky, but our hard work finally paid off against APU in this game.” The team has spent hours practicing for the season. “We have been doing a lot of work on and off the field to better our team,” Vance continued. 

Carlos Moate, junior forward, has felt that this season has been a good learning experience. “We are just keeping our heads high when things get hard and focus on training hard every day,” he said, “We have been working on our weaknesses and are excited for the rest of our season.” 

After the game, the coaching staff highlighted their hard work and encouraged the team that they were just getting started with a winning season. With skill and determination, the Golden Eagles will move forward into the rest of the season with a well-deserved victory.

Justin Nodarse, junior defender, said, “This season has been very difficult regarding our results as a team. There is a sense of frustration, but we are all hopeful for the rest of the season and are working hard for each other on and off the field.” 

Team captain Wyatt Burris said, “It is a little frustrating not having the results reflective of the work that our team is putting in but staying focused on the next game and giving it everything we got. We are working incredibly hard in our training sessions to prepare ourselves.” 

You can catch the next game against the Academy of Art on the Concordia athletic field on Sat., Oct., 7, at 3:30 p.m. We hope to see you out there rooting for the Golden Eagles. 




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