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By Wyatt Burris | 10/28/2022

Women's soccer was back in action Thur. Oct. 27., against Hawaii Hilo, a team that sits on top of the conference table.

The women's team is sitting with two games in hand and the ability to take first place Hilo off of their top spot.

Layla Comeaux, junior midfielder, said, “We brainstormed goals as a team that we wanted to achieve at the beginning of the season, and one of them was to beat Point Loma. So it's safe to say that beating them has always been on our minds and now that we’ve done it we see that as a great achievement but we don’t want to stop there.” 

She added, “It helps a lot with our confidence but there’s still a lot of soccer to be played so now we need to take those wins and keep going and apply that same energy that we put into Point Loma, into our other opponents.” The team is looking to keep pushing through this last week and a half of their season.

The team's Analisa Gjonovich, senior midfielder, said, “We have this sense of confidence knowing that we are capable of rising up to such a challenge, and by doing it twice we know we can do it again.” 

The team is disciplined and works hard for each other. These women are highly motivated and highly motivating one another. Comeaux said, “The most important thing for our team going into the Hilo game is to stay hungry and stay disciplined. We can easily get complacent with what we’ve done so far and take our feet off the gas but the job is not done and we need to set the tempo and put them away early. We also need to stick to our process of our style of play and trust in one another.”

The team has found success by playing for each other. Comeaux talked highly of their team’s affection by saying, “Sophomore [forward] Rylee Reese gave us a great acronym in the beginning of the season and it’s F.A.M.I.L.Y. [It] stands for Forget About Me, I Love You and I think that we’ve all put in so much effort to win for each other and that’s going to be huge for us if we continue that.” The acronym is further proof of a team looking to love one another and push each other to the finish line of this PacWest conference.

Comeaux explained, “A conference title is what’s on everyone’s minds. Just because we have performed well doesn’t mean that we should stop working and trying to achieve more and more. We all see the potential in this team and we want to perform to the best of our abilities and go all the way.”

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