Women’s volleyball dominate into their last stretch of the season

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By Maad AlKadhim | 10/28/2022

The Golden Eagles dominated their opponents at home and away while soaring into their last six matches of the season.

On Tues., Oct. 18 the women’s volleyball team traveled to Hawaii for a week where they won two of their three matches. They beat Hawaii Pacific and Hawaii Hilo, but lost to Chaminade.

Junior Julia Wilson said, “Something that our coach talked about a lot was that they were team wins, it wasn't just the six players on the court that led to the wins. It was everybody that was there that contributed to the energy and the vibe. Especially in Hilo it was a tough match and we won 21-19 in the fifth set, which is crazy. But it was super fun to be there.”

The team has a conference record of 10-4 with six matches to go. In the last eight matches they have won six of those matches. The Golden Eagles attribute their wins in Hawaii and their other wins to their team culture and chemistry.

Junior, Devin Sivertson said, “A lot of it is just the culture and chemistry our team has. This year we brought on many freshmen. I think eight or nine and we had few transfers as well. I think we all just clicked together and we work well together. And that is something that definitely contributes to our wins.”

Wilson agreed with what Sivertson had to say and added, “The bond we created with the core eleven girls on the team that retired this year, we were able to transfer that to the new people which was really helpful. It was our team culture.” Wilson added, “We have also been doing a great job coming back from being behind, which is something that is good.”

The tremendous win streaks that the Golden Eagles had this season did not come without downsides. “We kind of struggled in the beginning and we still do sometimes with closing matches. We would get into the 20s and then we freeze up a little bit and let a bunch of errors and let teams back in.” Wilson continued, “Sometimes when we are losing it feels like we are losing by 10 points, but it is one point. We let that spiral and then we do actually end up losing by 10 points.”

With the season coming to an end, the team still has goals to reach. “I think also finishing high in the conference again, second or third and just keeping our name up there. Coach says that every team wants to beat us and I think that shows every team does play really good against us. So just continue to play really good and have good wins and be high in conference,” said Sivertson.

Wilson also emphasized the importance of ending on an upswing. “I think it would be really cool if we can finish the season undefeated for the next six games. Beating Biola and Point Loma would be a really rewarding thing. Especially beating Point Loma at Point Loma would be exciting. Then Biola is coming here. Finishing on a high note would be really good for us,” said Wilson.

Looking at how the season went, Sivertson was proud of how well the team did. “I think it has been a good season. Last year we had a really good season and we ended third in conference and we had a few really good win streaks.” Sivertson continued, “This year we wanted to do the same thing if not better. I think we have done a really good job at one, keeping our culture and also expanding it. Two, having a lot of wins. I know last year we had a lot. So this year we wanted to do the same thing. And we are definitely still on top of conference. Right now we are fourth.”

Four of the last six matches of the season are at home for our Golden Eagles. Their next home match is on Fri., Oct. 28 against Holy Names. Make sure to go and support them and cheer them on as they end the season with a blast. To keep up with more women’s volleyball news, make sure to follow their Instagram page @cuiwvolleyball.


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