Deepen Your Roots: A Bible Study For Millenials

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Deep Roots Bible studies are perfect for college students

By Holly Spencer | 10/6/2017

Looking for a way to deepen your relationship with God? Curious about a Bible study made specifically for millennials? Want a 20% off coupon? Interested in a faith-based internship? Deep Roots Bible Studies has partnered with Concordia to give us all of the above!

Felicity Lorenz, owner of Deep Roots said, “[I] started Deep Roots Bible Studies after noticing many millennials struggle to keep a devotional time every day. Thus, Deep Roots sells Bible studies with millennials in mind.”

“Our vision is to inspire Christians to get deep into God’s Word on a daily basis, so they can have a better understanding of the Lord and His Word,” said Lorenz. She noticed a great need for a “Bible study curriculum that attracted this next generation” and sought to fill that need.

Deep Roots is “here to give you structure for your devotional time, and provide historical and cultural context for each passage.” Each study is designed to last about 15 minutes, so even the busiest people (like us college students!) will have time for them.

Lorenz said Deep Roots also features blog posts and a podcast series to check out—perfect for commuters! “Both offer further discussion on Christian issues as well as education on things like meditating on Scripture, Jewish holidays, and apologetics.”

Deep Roots Bible Studies was founded in July 2016. This young company invites Concordia to join Deep Roots in its journey to help our generation become committed followers of God.

In the future, Lorenz hopes to open a Christian bookstore that “provides insightful products in such a way that attracts this generation.” She emphasized the sad truth that many Christian bookstores today are shutting down, but she believes Deep Roots can combat this. “Our bookstore would be a hip-looking space that provides an experience to customers, just like a hipster coffee shop, while also selling quality products that will deepen customers' understanding of the Bible.” Additionally, Deep Roots hopes to launch Bible study small groups using their products.

Deep Roots emphasizes that their Bible studies are “designed with everyone in mind.” “My desire is to see every believer empowered to know and understand God's word for themselves,” said Lorenz. “Millennials are tired of the legalism and are looking for Christian resources that connect with their struggles without judgment.” If that’s you, check out what Deep Roots Bible Studies can offer you.

While most Bible studies can cost up to $100, Lorenz recognizes this is not realistic for college students. Therefore, the featured Bible study books range from just $15 to $25. “Any additional resources, like video teachings, for example, are free and on our website,” said Lorenz. Use the code “CONCORDIA” at checkout to get 20% off Deep Roots Bible studies!  

On Oct. 20 and 21, Deep Roots will have a booth featured at the Thrive Conference located just five minutes from Concordia. To check out their offerings in person, go to The Cloud Church at 18842 Teller Ave. Irvine, CA for the Thrive Conference.

Additionally, “Deep Roots is always looking for bright, passionate interns in the Orange County area. If you are passionate about God's Word and want to learn business skills, you can visit our website at for more information,” said Lorenz.

To order a Bible study, access podcasts or for more information on Deep Roots, please visit

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