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Gleason podcasting in his office

By Doctor Thomas | 10/15/2021

Freshman Connor Gleason, a guard for the men’s basketball team started his own podcast in July of 2020. Gleason bought a microphone from Amazon six months before starting, and had the dream sitting in the back of his mind. After lots of thought and consideration, Gleason decided to pursue his vision in starting his own podcast. 

Gleason was always a very “curious kid” growing up and his “curiosity is honestly greater now than it ever was,” so he decided to start a podcast in the summer. “I had more time in the summer, so I decided to just go for it,” Gleason said, “The drive and idea behind it came from a place of wanting to learn from other people. I know everyone has a story that they went through to get to where they are at, so I wanted to uncover these stories. I want others out there to learn from people who have been through hardships and hopefully people can relate to get through times they are enduring.” 

The first person Gleason chose to interview on his podcast was his dad. “I had heard about his journey a thousand times,” said Gleason. “it was just as powerful as it was the first time I heard it.” Gleason also interviewed his high school basketball coach along with some mentors and current teammates. He said his podcast guests have, “added many great perspectives to my daily life, and says he’s “grateful for their willingness to open and share their experiences on the pod.” 

“In the future, I plan to interview a lot more people from school,” said Gleason, “I am starting a short series on YouTube where I’ll ask individuals one question and post their response to YouTube.”

Gleason explained that there are so many things that he has learned from starting his own podcast. “One of the things I learned is that everyone is going through something that isn't visible to the outside world,” he said. “Whether that is emotions, negative thoughts, or a horrible day at work masked with a smile.” 

He emphasized how we need more love in this world and to spread it whenever possible. “This is it! I realized that winning the lottery is simply being alive,” he said. “It puts things into perspective that if I really want something then I just gotta go for it because the moment is right now, this is it.”

Gleason’s podcast is out on YouTube, Spotify, and will be on apple podcasts shortly. His episodes are released every other week at 8 a.m. In between non-recording weeks, he will begin to publish YouTube videos. His Instagram, Facebook and YouTube handle can be found @thruitallpodcast and his twitter handle is @thruitallpod. Make sure to follow him and tune in on the pod! 


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